About Us

  The Holy Book has been translated into more languages than any other book in the world. However this book still has not been totally translated into modern Uyghur. Because of this The “Uyghur Holy Book Society” was founded and has been serving with the intention to translate the life giving word into modern Uyghur. In order for our translation to be of high quality, many experienced and capable translators are working in this service. Among us are Uyghur writers, editors, linguists, and many other native speakers from all the parts of our area who all join together to make contributions to the translation. This work together with the help of experts in Holy Book translation, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek assures the correctness of the translation.

  The important work of translating the Holy Book into Uyghur began over 25 years ago. In 2005 we celebrated the completion of the “Injil”, that is “New Testament”. Now we are working on the “Old Testament”. The purpose in translating the “Holy Book” is for readers to be able to seriously read God’s Word. If you desire more information about this, please contact us through our email address.

  Uyghur “Mukeddes Kitab” Society

  Email address: [email protected]